Seeing Reality

Something Asian? For many centuries the topic of mindfulness had been disregarded by many in the West as an Eastern curiosity belonging to ‘others’ in the East. But that has…


Why does the developing world remain stagnant?

For over 100 years poverty patterns have remained stubborn. Do we just pump more money into poor nations? Nah. Three trillion dollars of aid over 75 years has shown that doesn't work. But is it really a lack of money in the first place? Or poor choices of a mind that has a certain image of Self and Others?


Why are more African American and Latino children born out of wedlock?

I can't count how many times I have had Dutch people say to me: it's quite normal for "you people" to have multiple partners at the same time isn't it? On the face of it, a quite dumbass remark, but looking around at many folks here in the Caribbean there may be some truth to it. But where does certain behavior come from? Is it "us people" or is it something to do with how we have been made to believe who we are?

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