The mental lure of candy!

Candy. We all seem to love it. But why can't we keep away from it?

Go to any supermarket and at the checkout, look around to see what is within reach. Candy. Marketers put it there because they know we tend to impulsively buy it. Why? Well, back in the day sugar from fruits provided us with energy to forage for more goodies and mate all over the place. Not only that, it also helped our bodies store fat when sugar wasn’t readily available, especially during those cold winter spells. Sugar became so important to us that along with a simple emotional approach, our brains developed a chemical that kept us approaching it: dopamine. It’s that pleasurable addictive stuff that’s also released when using cocaine and heroin. How addictive? Today we consume about 20 teaspoons of sugar every day, or about 4 times what we really need.

Post to be continued…

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